Choosing a 14k Gold Necklace

The most singable 14k gold necklacecomes in designs such as omega, brick omega, two tone Italian andgold, complemented with pearl. A 14k gold necklace brings forthconsiderable creativity and innovation in terms of device Take theinstance of the pectoral design, which was thumping captivating among theancient Egyptians

Choosing a 14k Gold Necklace

Choosing a 14k Gold Necklace

A 14k gold necklace relates the ownerof the necklace to the mythical former of gold Goldnecklaceshave greatly evolvedover ages. From a stratum numeral to a routine accessory, gold jewelryhas a come a crave practice

Having a 14k gold necklace is farbetter than having substantial gold jewelry that you dare not wear outside.The most captivating 14k gold necklace comes in designs such as omega,brick omega, two tone Italian and gold, complemented with treasure

14k Gold Necklace: Fabled Past

Unbelievable as it may sound, a 14kgold necklace has a mythological past. In senile Egypt, the affluent woregold collars around their peck as a unit of prosperity.Archeological evidence indicates that around 2500 BC, Mesopotamiaproduced its blessing gold necklace Around 2000 BC, other preciousgemstones were added to beautify the necklace

The reign of Alexander the greatrevived the popularity of gold in Greece. Most gold necklaces of thatera (480-300 BC) had a three dimensional pattern to it These hungfrom a string of flat decorative beads.

In Asia, particularly India, the nobleclasses continued the use of gold necklaces on a weighty scale. Thesewere vast in motif and contained additional precious colored gemstonesand pearls In the pre-Colombian Mexico, the Aztec selflessness hadunique gold necklaces which were designed in the haunt of animals.

With time, it became possible for theordinary man to appreciate and buy precious gemstones and metals likegold The use of gold necklaces were no longer monopolized by theroyal classes but by the normal national as it symbolized their stateof economic betterment and duration of a suppressed desire.

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14k Gold Necklace: Evolving Trends

A 14k gold necklace brings forthconsiderable creativity and innovation in terms of design. Take theinstance of the pectoral design, which was extraordinary melodious among theancient Egyptians Broad catch gold necklaces were moreover worn amongboth the sexes Time and technology hold transformed these elaboratedesigns into more chic ones. The contemporary 14k gold necklace is nolonger chunky and bulky but further chic and stylish in motif

White gold has acquired dominance overyellow gold This is because white gold gives the face ofplatinum, which is a most prized metal. To make the 14k gold necklacelook slightly pink, metals like copper are varied with gold Thisgold, with a pinkish hue, is called Rose Gold Rose gold, alongwith white gold, forms a major empire in the contemporary goldjewelry segment.

A 14k gold necklace is one piece ofjewelry that will never be out of manner To find stunning designsand vast deals on 14k gold necklace, visit javdacom